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Built upon creativity. Fortified by Facebook

GCG Media started out as an in-house content & marketing department. Being in the investment sector helped us develop a strategic approach and complex digital marketing strategies to bring our content creation to the next level. Once we entered the advertising industry, our production tempo scaled to 10x, and we faced the challenges of blocked accounts and unresponsive customer services. We tried every possible marketing strategy, built policy-proof ad campaigns and, like many of our clients, emerged on the another dead-end of social media advertising. Today, we own several Enterprise Level Business Manager accounts with a Facebook Partner status.

Facebook Advertising

With Enterprise Level Business Manager accounts, direct access to Facebook representatives, and streamlined, Facebook-policy-compliant content production, our ad campaigns are stable and able to withstand algorithmic and OS updates. We specialize in creating fluid strategies and provide digital marketing consulting services.

Content Production

From basic copywriting, via video production and graphic design, to complex email marketing campaigns, our team of experienced experts can produce deliverables in record time. We mostly focus on developing strategies and provide consulting services on project management and content production optimization.

Product Sourcing

We are in close contact with direct suppliers of general consumer goods, electronics and other e-commerce products, and offer consulting services and operational support in the area of product sourcing, price arbitration, and custom branding. Our expertise covers the full e-Commerce circle and is backed by 10+ years of experience with on the ground partners.
Our work
We’ve built several business and brands from scratch, we are currently running ads in 198 countries around the world, our emails have an 89% open rate, and our clients run six, seven, and eight-figure businesses
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Facebook Advertising

If you’re experiencing Facebook bans and looking for the best solution to grow your business and have a stable and long term media buying strategy, apply here.

Digital Marketing

If you need to consult in the area of digital marketing, research and content and social media strategy development, production and implementation, apply here.

Sourcing & Logistics

If you are looking for new products, optimization of your current deliveries, better pricing, custom branding, shipping lines in Asia and personalized customer services apply here.

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Thibault Van Beneden
Chief Executive Officer
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Rémi Lascaux
Chief Operating Officer
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Peter Ivantsov
Chief Financial Officer
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