99 Problems But Bans Ain’t One

We are on top of algorithm changes and IOS14 updates thanks to our privileged relationship with Facebook. Leverage our connection.

Tired of unexplained Facebook Ad Account bans?

We know it is frustrating to battle the Facebook algorithm and OS updates, while facing your daily ad spend limits. Our clients (and ourselves) face these challenges, as well. However, we found solutions for most of the problems media buyers and eCommerce specialists encounter on a daily basis.
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Enterprise level BM

GET access to BM used by Amazon and never be banned again!


Enterprise level BM Rental

With us, you have access to ad accounts and FBM with a monthly ad spend of 100M+. With our Invincible FBM you are finally able to scale, keep your data, optimize your spend and create as many lookalike audiences as you need.


24/7 Facebook Rep Support

We reach our exclusive Facebook Representative directly (we actually have their phone number), and learn about incoming changes and updates before anybody else. We plan for the major updates and let our clients know in advance


Limitless Unblocking

Even if our ads and ad campaigns get blocked, but we can actually unblock our FBM without having to open another account. You’re back in business by simply relaunching your campaign.


Access to 1000 data-points algorithm

You’ll get full access to an automated AI-based algorithm that optimizes existing campaigns, ends the underperforming ones, and duplicates the working ones. You can monitor changes in real time.


Starting at just $400 you can unlock our services and spend up to $4000 on your ad accounts, with no additional fees. This monthly fee gives you direct access to unlimited spend ad accounts, and much more:

  • Advice on navigating the FB ecosystem
  • Ad account FB concierge
  • Privileged information on FB algorithms updates and workarounds
  • Removal of FB Ad account restrictions

*For monthly ad account spend above $4000 10% fee applies


We don’t. Your ad campaigns might get blocked. But what we can guarantee is that in 99.8% of cases, we’ll be able to unblock your ad account and relaunch your campaign.

Our partners are internationally renowned ad agencies, known for their excellence, and Fortune 500 and A-list clients.

We work with everyone, but mainly with people who struggle to scale their online business, and usually spend at least $500 per day on Facebook advertising. If your Business Manager account gets blocked whenever you put a new ad or that you’re trying to scale an existing one, then you are our ideal client.

Firstly, you fill out the application form by answering some simple questions. Next, someone from our team will contact you and schedule an online meeting. During the call, we’ll carefully listen and also raise a question or two. Finally, we’ll present you with our services and fees.

We have an in house digital marketing agency that is currently fully booked with in house projects and pre-booked clients. However, our waiting list is always open, and we are happy to onboard you as soon as a slot opens up.

Not sure? No problem.