Rent an Aged Facebook Profile: Limitless Access

The main problem our clients face on a daily basis is the inability to access new ad accounts from their old Facebook profiles, after they’ve got banned. Due to Facebook’s general terms of use, creating new accounts doesn’t help, and ends up with another ban. One of the safest and proven ways to access new ad accounts is through rented aged Facebook accounts, that are actively used by real persons, on a day-to-day basis.

Aged doesn’t always mean approved

All our Facebook Accounts have been screened, identity verified and protected with 2FA. The privacy of the renter and the rentee are equally respected and protected with sticky proxies and other sets of rules that both sides must follow. That’s why GCG Media Facebook Accounts for rent have a 100% success rate.

Limitless Access to Your Facebook Ad Account
Real Profiles with Proven In-Real-Life Daily Usage
One-Time Setup with Assigned Sticky Proxy

GET access to an aged Facebook account used by a real person and never be banned again


Authentic Account

With us, you can have access to a real person’s account. Used in real time on a smartphone and passing all the Facebook checks at any point in time. Check your ad account anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Support

Reach us any time on Slack to answer your questions and help you set up your account with us. Finally, you’ll partner with someone who’s willing to talk and guide you through the process.

Safe Proxy

To access your profile you need to setup a proxy as Facebook will detect multiple logins from different countries., we set you up with a Multi-Login account as well and keep you up-to-date to any changes

Monthly Payment

We don’t charge you for the year or give you a one off payment. Charging you on a monthly basis is also a guarantee of the efficiency of our service on an ongoing basis.

Subscription fee: USD 300 (billed monthly, you can opt-out any time) Or pay yearly and save 20%!

We don’t. If you violate FB policies repeatedly your account will get blocked. First replacement is free. The next will be charged an additional 100 USD.

You can access the existing Facebook Business manager already created on the Profiles through Multilogin to access your other FBM’s share assets etc.

You cannot use the profile to chat, like, post, comment or use the facebook profile in any way apart from to access FBM’s. You cannot create Facebook Business Managers. You cannot create Pixels.

Our partners are internationally renowned ad agencies, known for their excellence, and Fortune 500 and A-list clients.

We work with everyone, but mainly with entrepreneurs who struggle to scale their online business, need access to their BM’s or to our services and need an urgent setup.

Fill in your details, subscribe to our monthly plan and get an account profile setup within 24 hours!

We have an in house digital marketing agency that is currently fully booked with in house projects and pre-booked clients. However, our waiting list is always open, and we are happy to onboard you as soon as a slot opens up.